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Jedd Strummer - Lead Vocals and guitar

Jackson Free - Guitar

Samuel Brown - Keyboards

Amelia Kosto - Backing Vocals

Jane Kosto - Backing Vocals

Phill Mudd - Drums

Bo Diddler - Percussion


Muso Pro is a contemporary Soul, Folk and Jazz fusion ensemble with infuences from James Brown, Maceo Parker, Bod Dylan, Eric Clapton, Chet Baker, John Coltrane and Miles Davis - to name a few.

“Its hard to pinpoint any single musician of any genre - I grew up surrounded by music of all kinds - I guess it’s easier to say that I’m influenced by all musicians” - Jedd Strummer


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For all media enquries, please contact Muso Pro management

Myley and Syrus Entertainment LTD.

35 Yorkshire Lane

Manchester UK

Call: +44 123 456 789

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